10 April 2024

BlueScope named 2024 Sustainability Champion

Mark Vasssella, BlueScope MD and CEO accepting the award from Leon Topalian, Worldsteel Chair and President & CEO
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BlueScope is proud to, once again, be named as a worldsteel Sustainability Champion for 2024. This betfred online casinorecognition reflects work completed in 2023 that focussed on the way we demonstrate our commitment and action towards sustainable development.

To be eligible, members must participate in a variety of worldsteel sustainability programmes and be separately recognised for contributions to the steel industry in a set of sustainability categories. BlueScope was recognised for excellence during 2023 for excellence in safety culture and leadership category.

We have been integrating human and organisational performance (HOP) into foundational safety processes since 2019, with sound outcomes in all 15 countries we operate in. More than 1,500 Directors, Executives, Senior Leaders, Managers and Supervisors globally have completed training sessions with safety experts and practically applying the learnings into common work activities. 

In 2019, BlueScope started its global HOP journey by proactively piloting HOP-based Leadership Workshops as top management was curious about evolved safety thinking.

The stories being told to Directors and Executives of what they could learn and improve by applying HOP led to more than 1,500 of the Board of Directors, Executives, Senior Leaders, Managers and Supervisors globally undertaking training sessions with industry experts over a two-year betfred casinoperiod, and practically applying the HOP philosophies into the everyday work. Since then, HOP has been accepted and applied across the organisation.

WorldSteel Champion logo

The 5 HOP principles - a culture of learning versus blame:
1. Error is normal

We all make mistakes

2. Blame fixes nothing

Accountability is the willingness to accept responsibility

3. Learning is vital

Learning is deliberate

4. Context drives behaviour

Systems drive outcome

5. How we respond matters

How leaders act and respond counts


BlueScope is at the stage of systems and processes being simplified and updated to embed the HOP philosophy into everything it does so that the practice is sustained. Countless smart solutions have already been implemented to eliminate or reduce exposure to hazards.

In 2022, the NS BlueScope team made significant contributions: