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Thrive in a culture that cares

Together we build stronger solutions.

betfred online casinoOur people are our strength. It goes without saying that a safe, happy and healthy workforce is how we stay resilient.

At BlueScope, you’ll experience a positive, inclusive working environment where everyone is welcome. We respect and care for each other, our communities and the environment. 

We know the best way to reduce risks and improve health and wellbeing is to listen to our people who know the work, especially those who make and handle our products every day.

Wellness works here

Our care and commitment to health, safety and the environment is integral to the way we do business.

To be truly sustainable, we know safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces set a strong foundation. That’s why safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces is one of our five sustainability outcomes. Read more in our sustainability report.

Wellbeing framework

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Take action to reduce work risk factors, strengthen controls and build resilient work systems.

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Improve culture by increasing health and wellbeing awareness and literacy. Support for individuals, teams and leaders.

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Take opportunities to connect, share and learn. Engage in humble enquiry, reward and recognise.


At our Western Port site, outside of Melbourne, RUOK day is recognised as an important day to betfred casinostop and learn about how a conversation could save a life.

Voices of BlueScope Logo

Accessibility and wellbeing podcasts

Sue Stark, President, BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. (BBNA) shares her career experience, insights as a leader, and why accessibility is integral to inclusive workplaces.

Steph O’Dwyer, Health, Wellbeing & Innovation Manager discusses the importance of health & wellbeing and how it felt to be recognised with the Safety Advocacy Award at the 2022 Women in Industry Awards.

Coated Steel Suzhou team photo for health and wellbeing in China

Health and wellbeing initiatives awarded in China

BlueScope’s 2021 Health, safety and environment award went to our Coated Steel Suzhou team in China. The team won award for their ‘Building a Healthy Future, Enjoying the Happy Life’ initiative. Developing good health habits for minds, bodies and lifestyle was the focus and over 90 per cent of the team participated in awareness training and applied the learning in their life and work.

Speak Up

Support through Speak Up

Our free and confidential employee assistance program supports the emotional and psychological wellbeing of all employees in the workplace and in their personal lives.

We want our people to feel supported to Speak Up, especially when they think an action or discussion is not right, does not betfred casino reviewreflect Our Bond, is not in line with our Code of Conduct or the law.  This helps us identify and address concerns and preserve the highest standards of conduct, to keep acting fairly, ethically and with integrity in all that we do.