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We are a world leading steel manufacturer

Protecting, supporting and promoting healthy people, and safe and healthy workplaces, is core to Our Bond and is one of our five sustainability outcomes. Hear about our approach from our people, betfred casinoor click on the button to read our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy. Language translations available here.

Our approach to health, safety and environment 

We have a people centred approach to health, safety and environment. It encourages learning and the knowledge of our people to improve our performance.

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We build capacity with our people

This encourages learning and the knowledge of our people to improve how we manage our HSE risks. We create smart solutions, strong controls and better systems to support our people.

Operations at BlueScope

We learn from our people 

Our people who make and handle our products every day have great insight into how we can make our many work environments safer and are helping us strengthen our controls.

We are proud that a number of the principles in our approach to HSE have been incorporated in the worldsteel safety culture and leadership fundamentals. And worldsteel recognised our “HSE Evolution” approach in its 2021 Safety and Health Excellence Recognition Program.

Our people are leading safety

In 2023, we completed 249 HSE risk control improvement projects globally. See below other examples of how our teams are leading safety.

Over 1500 Leaders participated in industry expert led HSE workshops since 2020 with more than 1000 employees participating in business-led HSE learning programs.

Named BlueScope's 2022 Health and Safety Smart Solution joint winners, both New Zealand Steel and NS BlueScope Malaysia, eliminated a risk of falling from heights and manual handling by learning how the work is actually done, building trust and inclusivity.

betfred casinoNS BlueScope Indonesia won the CEO's Health & Safety Excellence Award for integrating "Better Questions, Stronger Solutions" into foundational processes. 24 projects and 47 actions were completed and celebrated with involvement from a diverse team, resulting in a safer and more inclusive workplace.

BlueScope China was one of the joint winners of our 2022 Award for Health, Wellbeing and Community Excellence for demonstrating genuine care for employees and their families through its "We Do Believe" program.

Graph detailing BlueScope’s intention to ‘Protect, Support and Promote’ their people

Healthy people, healthy workplaces

Looking after our people has been our number one priority since we manufactured our first steel slab. Recently, we developed a Health & Wellbeing model, which formalises our commitment to healthy people and healthy workplaces.

Inclusion and diversity

We seek to create an inclusive culture where all people feel valued and included. See our Inclusion and Diversity policy.

Community partnerships

Engage in community partnerships that generate positive social impact.

Safe to speak up

Reinforce a safe environment for all workers on our sites to speak up, be heard and feel welcome.

Inclusive leadership

Continue to build inclusive leadership capability and employee connection.

Grow & support under-represented

Grow and support under-represented groups throughout all levels of the organisation and drive beyond gender initiatives.

Measure our progress

Analyse data and metrics to prioritise efforts and track improvement.

Modern Slavery Statement cover image

Social Impact and human rights

Recognising the increased focus on social responsibility betfred casino appto our people, workplaces and communities, we are focused on increasing our positive social impact and to help prevent or reduce adverse impacts on human rights we may be involved in.

Our Modern Slavery Statement has been developed in accordance with requirements from the Australian Modern Slavery Act. We report on the activities we have undertaken to identify and manage the risk we may cause, contribute or be directly attributable to modern slavery within our operations and our supply chains. We seek input from stakeholders from time to time and make use of aggregated assessment data for this reporting.

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We take our community responsibilities seriously and so do our people who volunteer their time and expertise to worthy causes globally.  That’s why strong communities are one of our five sustainability outcomes.

Our ‘Strengthening our Communities’ investment framework sets out how we partner with our communities and the opportunities for our people to get involved in their community.