Our Products

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Our smart steel products and solutions

At BlueScope we create and inspire smart solutions in steel, to strengthen our communities for the future. Primarily operating in the building and construction industries around the world, our steel products are in the buildings we call home, the places we work, the schools our children attend and in our community buildings and infrastructure we use every day.

Research and development

Our products are backed by decades of research and development, quality assurance and certification.

We research the latest technology for our products in our Research and Development laboratories, and through testing in the field to ensure we make products that can withstand changes in climate and meet industry standards and customer expectations. Watch the video to learn about our laboratory team in Port Kembla, Australia.

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Assurance of quality

We set a high priority on quality assurance, which drives our formalised process to ensure our products and services repeatedly meet specifications. Through strong quality management and focus, BlueScope improves work processes and efficiency to minimise defects and yield reliable, high-quality product offerings that perform against standard and build customer confidence, trust and loyalty.

Like many companies, BlueScope uses the longstanding and proven ISO family of standards, and its associated tools and techniques, to keep our quality management system effective across our manufacturing, marketing and supply chain operations.

Products we make across our business

Products we make at BlueScope


Our customers expect clear and transparent information about our products. We conduct product life cycle assessments for a range of products and provide information betfred casinoin accordance with various national and international product ecolabelling schemes to help inform our customers' decision-making.

More information about sustainable product credentials is in our annual Sustainability Data Supplement Report.

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Independent, global third-party certification from ResponsibleSteel™ demonstrates our sustainability and climate credentials and our ability to manage supply chain risks. It also reflects the quality of our operations and how we engage with customers, suppliers, employees and our communities. In 2022, our Port Kembla Steelworks, Australia became the first site in the Asia Pacific region, and the fourth steelmaker in the world, to obtain ResponsibleSteel™ certification.

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Environmental Product Declarations

We publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for a range of products in many of our regions to clearly communicate the impact our products may have on the environment over their life cycle. Our EPDs are compliant with International Standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804 and are available on our websites and in a range of industry sources.

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An ecolabel identifies products or services proven to be environmentally preferable within a specific category. Ecolabels can help customers and consumers quickly identify products Betfred games loginthat meet specific environmental performance criteria. As with EPDs, products with ecolabels can contribute points under green building rating tools such as Green Star and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) framework. Many BlueScope products carry ecolabels, EPDs and other certifications.