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BlueScope’s commitment to strong governance starts with the Board who set direction and, through our Corporate Governance Framework, empower leadership with the necessary standards, delegations of authority and resources to fulfil their accountabilities. At the outset, Our Board of Directors ensure proper governance of their own actions according to high standards of conduct.


In line with the Company Constitution and Board Charter, our Board is accountable for ensuring that in carrying out activities, the Company undertakes a prudent level of risk, achieving a balance between:

  • generating rewards for shareholders who invest in our Company;
  • supplying goods and services of value to our customers; and
  • providing meaningful employment for employees betfred casino appin a way which contributes to our communities. 

In its role, the Board ensures the necessary talent and resources are in place to meet our Company objectives and shareholder obligations, and that performance is regularly assessed, monitored and reported.

Our governance framework includes clear levels of authority for decision making and approvals. Our Board Charter sets out the responsibilities of the Board, along with a list of specific decisions reserved for determination by the Board.