Future of steel

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A building frame made from BlueScope's TRUECORE®  with two people carrying out a site inspection

We’re optimistic about the future of steel

We expect to see increased global steel demand for decades to come. And our smart solutions in steel will continue to help provide our customers, communities and emerging economies with a critical betfred casino appfoundation for sustainable economic development and the transition to a low carbon society. And this is backed up by our efforts within our own operations to take action on climate, energy, water and other important sustainability issues that matter to all of us.

Christopher Cassaniti Bridge, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW. Featuring a striking double-helix structure fabricated from XLERPLATE® steel (250 grade).

Steel is central to a circular economy

As one of the most amazing and useful materials in the world, steel supports a society working to ensure resources and materials remain in use for as long as possible. A circular steel economy takes advantage of steel’s strength, durability and recyclability to design betfred casino appenduring products that can be repaired, re-used, remanufactured or recycled, rather than discarded.

Steel products provide solutions for rapid construction and long-term use, flexible design, temperature control and resilience to extreme weather. The steel we supply today will support economies for decades to come and is critical in underpinning the transition to the renewable energy industry.

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Our circular design principles

By applying circular thinking, the steel products we make today will become the resources of tomorrow. In this way, steel in a building, vehicle or piece of equipment does not just have a single use – it can be seen as a materials bank, where components sustain value beyond their initial use.

Circular design principles can apply to steel in several ways. For example, modular construction using light gauge, high strength steels to reduce materials used in specific building applications, and advanced coatings to extend product life.

BlueScope 2023 Sustainability Report cover.

Our Sustainability Report

We regularly seek feedback from our stakeholders about what matters to them, which informs our approach and priorities. Progress on achieving our sustainability outcomes is communicated annually in our Betfred games loginSustainability reporting Suite. Our sustainability data and metrics are detailed in our Sustainability Reporting Supplement.