Four locals performing in a timber community center

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Strengthening our communities investment framework

Our communities are our homes. We invest in our local communities and protect the environment in which we work and live. We take our community responsibilities seriously and so do our people who volunteer time and their Betfred games loginexpertise worthy causes globally. That’s why strong communities is one of our five sustainability outcomes. Our strengthening our communities investment framework sets out how we partner with our communities and the opportunities for our people to get involved in their community.

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Community building

Construction or improvement, eg. community centres, meeting places.

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Diversity & inclusion

Supporting people with a disability, the underprivileged, homeless people, indigenous people, promoting cultural diversity.

Health, safety & environment

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the community, eg. transport safety programs, mental health programs, environmental programs.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths - using our expertise in design, manufacturing, engineering, building and construction.

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Every aspect of shelter: homelessness, emergency accommodation, affordable housing solutions.

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Training, skill-sharing, mentoring, coaching, community board appointments, apprenticeships.

Local community group in matching T-Shirts posing for a photograph

Community engagement

It’s important to us to hear the voices from our local communities on our operations and projects that impact or interest them. We collaborate with local community members through our Community Consultation Committees and other forums, providing Betfred games loginregular opportunities for open discussions. Together we work through environmental risks and opportunities and other operational decisions that may have an impact locally.

BlueScope staff and board members presenting a donation to The HALO Foundation who will support a new residential center

BlueScope Foundation

In North America, the BlueScope Foundation, led by BlueScope people, supports over 100 organisations. The Foundation partners with local community groups to support youth development programs, family violence sufferers, the homeless, scholarships for students and arts organisations.

Our North American team members also participate in United Way volunteer events, and over the past five years, through personal donations and the Foundation support, BlueScope and Betfred games loginour people have donated over $US1.1 million to annual United Way campaigns.

BlueScope staff under a gazebo supporting an event at the beach

BlueScopeWIN community partnership

For more than 10 years, BlueScope has partnered with local television channel, WIN TV, as BlueScopeWIN, to contribute funds, volunteers and expertise to local projects and programs. We are proud of supporting over 400 projects with $5 million locally.