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BlueScope places great importance on strong corporate governance.

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Governance is key to a sustainable, enduring business

BlueScope places great importance on strong corporate governance. Built on the guiding principles in Our Bond and Code of Conduct, our Corporate Governance Framework sets the structures for accountability and the rules, relationships, systems and processes by which authority is exercised and managed within BlueScope. 

Our aim is to maximise our capabilities and conduct betfred casino reviewour business in an ethically responsible way to build a sustainable and enduring business and deliver on commitments to our stakeholder communities.

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Corporate Governance Statement

Our Corporate Governance Statement, updated annually, describes our Corporate Governance Framework, policies and practices and reflects BlueScope's commitment to maintaining and promoting high standards of corporate governance. Click on the button to read our latest Statement. 

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Board Governance

BlueScope's commitment to strong governance starts with the Board who set direction and empower leadership with the necessary standards, authority and resources to fulfil their accountabilities. At the outset, Our Board of Directors ensure proper governance of their own actions. More information on Board responsibilities and delegations of authority can be found in our Board Charter.

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Governance structure and management

Our governing bodies, including the Board and its Committees and the Executive Leadership Team are organised, made accountable and remunerated for ensuring strong governance across corporate and business functions.

Continuous disclosure & securities trading

We are well placed to fulfil our continuous disclosure responsibilities. Our Continuous Disclosure Policy explains our approach for ensuring that BlueScope Steel Limited informs the Australian Securities betfred online casinoExchange (ASX) about information about us of which we become aware that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price or value of our shares. We are also committed to the highest standards of conduct by all directors and employees when dealing in BlueScope Steel Securities. 

View the policies below.

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Shareholder engagement

We aim to keep shareholders informed about our Company to exercise their rights as shareholders. We also recognise that people other than shareholders may be interested in information about us. 

Our website is an important channel with a range of investor-relevant information available under ‘Investors’, including ASX announcements, financial results, Annual General Meetings, and investor services links to our Share Registry for shareholders to follow up on their individual shareholdings.