Milan Expo

 Dispatching a High-ranking Delegation to Expo Milan 2015

What is Expo?
Expo is derived from the word Exposition. It is a non-profit event and held every five years in a different country. Its purpose is to showcase the history, present and future of countries and their achievements in the social, economic, scientific, cultural fields and the future prospects of their development in a variety of fields. After the World Cup and the Olympic Games this event ranks third in importance and it has also been named the culture of other Nations Olympic. BIE, the world Expo’s office which manages Expo’s exhibitions, has transferred the holding of Expo 2015 to Milan.
Aims of Expo Exhibitions
• Strengthen international relations in a common thread
• Share informative and cultural experiences in a global topic
• Strengthen and support the Expos as future laboratories experiences
• Economic and International exchanges
• Show a country’s potentials, history, civilization, and customs around a specific topic
• Development of the innovative strategies for environmental protection

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan event takes place on May 1st till October 31th 2015 in Milan, Italy. During these six months, the event host more than 20 million visitors from all over the world along with a Festival of great architectural designs which doubles the attraction of this event. This great event will be held in an area of 1 million square meters. 145 world countries have the opportunity to introduce their unique products and food culture in their pavilions while they are responsible for making their pavilions on the basis of their designs and ideas.
This year Milan Expo exhibition’s theme is “Feeding the planet, Energy for life” and it works closely with the UN Millennium Development Goals. Half the hungry population; two-thirds the mortality rate; reducing maternal mortality by three-quarters of the current; the integration of sustainable development of policies and programs in other countries; and finding International partners are the five purposes of this event.
Iran is also represented in the exhibition this year and its hall is designed in the shape of a table cloth “Sofreh” with display of the Iranian handicraft, food and agricultural from the past to the present by the efforts of a group of experts.

Visiting the Exhibition
IMUZH Int’l Event Organizer in cooperation with Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mine in order to facilitate the process of attending Iranian visitors in Milan Expo has planned to dispatch a high-ranking delegation to the Expo.

Our Aims from sending the Delegations of Visitors
• Presence of the private sector in the Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion
• Introduction of unique products and food culture of the countries’ showcases around the world
• providing common meetings in Iran Pavilion with the private activists sector in other countries
• Study and research the capabilities of countries which attend in Expo in fields of Health, Food safety and Modern agriculture and its role in the production of new food products

• Planned visiting of the Exhibition
• Possibility of the trade negotiation with Milan Chamber of Commerce in Iran Pavilion
• Print ads and commercial information in English in the dedicated books to the Iranian Expo for the companies that are deployed in the form of commercial staff,
• and other services