Information Communication Technology (ICT) & Digital Media

Information Communication Technology (ICT) & Digital Media industries are providing a wide range of new capabilities throughout all business sectors of the world. The Middle East and Africa region is set to follow the edges of the ICT evolution. According to IDC, Middle East and Africa will cross the $270 billion mark on ICT products and services this year and it will have a 9% growth boost in just the IT market. This makes MEA the second fastest growing market worldwide. As a result of the fast growing IT market, extensions of new technologies and solutions are becoming more obvious. Major sectors and services from Government, Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Healthcare, Education, and Retail are making their part of changes within this fast paced industry to keep up in this global change.

iTDmEX is the largest annual international ICT & Digital Media exhibition in Iran. It features the latest products, materials and technologies involved in ICT & Digital Media industries. The main goal of the exhibition is to expand the era of ICT & Media Digitalization in the region. iTDmEX is a perfect opportunity and a platform for ICT providers who wish to approach to the world businesses, to do more domestic international marketing, and to develop new business partnership by building a more efficient and profitable business with its unique possibilities offered. Start-ups can bring up related opportunities that are applicable in the ICT & Media Digitalization world. iTDmEX has been and will be providing specialized meeting grounds and lounges for business to business matchmaking sessions and conference that are being offered.
Development expansion is extremely difficult or even inconceivable without applying new innovative technologies and products. iTDmEX presents the highest information technologies products and services in the categories such as e-Consumer, e-banking, Enterprise Hardware & Software, e-shop, marketing, Cloud, GPS & RFID System, Mobility, Digital Marketing, Networking Infrastructure and security system. Furthermore it provides valuable opportunities for international countries to showcase their newest technologies and products as well like Printers, Tablets, Computer Hardware & Software, Notebooks, Internet, Laptops, Mobile Phone, Audiovisual Equipments, Peripheral Devices, Monitors & projectors, and Office Digital Equipments.
The 3rd edition of iTDmEX is scheduled for February 16th –19th 2016 and it will take place in the Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds. The 2nd exhibition was held in September 2014, occupying 10,000+ sq. meters which was an area twice the size of the 1st exhibition making it a very successful event for repeating exhibitors and new comers. A total number of 166 companies and 34,000 visitors participated in the 2st ITDMEX. Unveiling the latest ICT & digital products and organizing more than 40 workshops were all part of this exhibition. The 2st exhibition was evaluated as a “unique & distinctive” event said by active many ICT organizations as well as government authorities. IMUZH Event Organizer was collaborating with Iran Confederation of ICT Associations (ICICTA) as the organizer for the 2nd exhibition and is to be the organizer of this upcoming event for the 2nd time since the start of this major event.

Hosting Organization of the 3rd Annual iTDmEX,
Iran Confederation of ICT Associations (ICICTA) is set to host the 3rd annual iTDmEX this year with the aim of introducing Information Communication Technology and the Digital Media capabilities with promoting the benefits of the technology and improving community access to the latest technological achievements. Iran Confederation of ICT Associations (ICICTA) is fully supported by Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mine and Agriculture; Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade; Iran Int’l Exhibition, and, affiliated public and private companies related.
IMUZH Int’l Event Organizer, faithful to its code of ethics, professionalism and cooperation with Iran Confederation of ICT Associations (ICICTA) on the 3rd annual iTDmEX is in order to leverage the quality of this great exhibition as it highly increases its reputation in both national and international sectors.